Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster images in tiff, bmp, jpg etc. are converted to CADD format (dwg, dgn or dxf). For accurate conversion, when and if necessary, CAD Overlay and precision redraw are employed. On-screen digitization and overlay method are used where the raster image is utilized as a backdrop in the CADD software to be redrawn in vector format.

Raster to vector conversion is done on "as is" basis. Vectorized drawings are exact CADD reproduction of the raster images received from clients which can be edited later according to client's need. Only the text portion of the images are re-arranged and scaled for clarity when required by the client but rest of the drawing objects are drawn exactly according to the image received. If requested by any client the vectorized drawings can also be drawn in true scale as per dimensions given in the image files but extra production time will be required.