Construction Drawings

For any project one major task is to prepare detailed construction drawings once the design phase is completed which involves a great deal of time and resources. Clients can take advantage of our Construction Drawing service to cut cost and project submission time considerably and can use the extra time to work for more clients to be more competitive. We can prepare detailed construction drawings from architectural drawings after the design phase is completed and approved by the owner.

In developing the drawings layer and other related CAD standards like linetype, text styles, dimension styles etc. are followed strictly as per client’s instruction. We will need samples of similar completed projects to better understand client’s standards.

Construction Plans

Detailed construction plans are developed from final architectural plans with primary dimensions. Objects are drawn up to the extent of detail required by client. Walls can be re-redrawn showing structural lines when needed and the dimensions are revised accordingly. Dimension locations, styles, general notes are decided as per given standard from client. All hatch pattern and line type are also maintained strictly according to client's requirement.


Details and blow-ups can be prepared for a project according to client’s requirements. Like the sections we will follow the standards laid out by the client in drawing the details. To follow the CAD standard typical details done for previous projects will be helpful in saving time and better communication with the clients.


Elevations of all sides are drawn with exact measurement received from client. Surface hatch patterns like brick, cmu. Sidings, shingles etc are used according to standards set by the client. Sample elevation of a previously completed project will help us to better understand client’s requirement in drawing the elevations.


Detailed sections of a building are drawn along section lines decided by the client. We believe that there is no alternative of a correct and detailed section for better understanding a project. While drawing the sections we will draw the details up to the extent of each brick, cmu etc. when required by client. We can use blocks of some common objects like doors, windows, sills etc. commonly used by the client if received from client to meet their standards.


Like plumbing drawings electrical drawings can also be generated from final architectural plans after it is approved by the owner. Electrical symbols typically used by the clients for electrical drawings are maintained. We will need sample electrical drawings for a completed project of similar nature for symbol legend and CAD standards.


Plumbing Riser Diagram can be generated for any project when needed. To generate Plumbing drawings we will need final architectural plans after approval by the owner. Detail plans are not required to draw plumbing diagram. Typical plumbing riser diagram done for projects with similar scope can be useful to understand client’s requirements for the CAD standards.




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