About us

Compulink International Ltd. was established in 1999 with an object to provide back office support and CAD Services to Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms. We offer wide range of CAD services covering from simple vectorization of images to preparation of complex construction drawings for architects, engineers, contractors, builders, home owners and government agencies.

We believe that the small and large firms in the building industry can take advantage of our outsourcing services to be more competitive and successful in their venture. Our competetive rate and quality will help clients to cut down their operation cost considerably and free them to focus more on their core business. With our qualified and devoted team of architects, engineers and CAD technicians we assure best possible services to meet our client’s standard and time schedule.

Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate firms produce their own CAD documents, blue prints, architectural renderings etc. for commercial or residential projects. It is undoubtedly a costly affair for the building project owners and the companies that are involved in the building industry. Pushing the CAD jobs, blue prints and other related works to an offshore production house in Bangladesh will create an enormous market potential with significant cut in the production cost. A foreign partner working with the offshore CAD production house can benefit by outsourcing their own work load as well as from the marketing of such services to other similar firms.

During last 4 years we have successfully completed many projects for our clients in USA and gathered valuable experience in outsourcing business in the related field. With our devoted and experienced team of architects, engineers and CAD technicians we are confident of our ability to expand our services in other countries.